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  • [military] observation senior China reprimand visiting military defense secretary to send is energy Beihai landscape according to the Phoenix Sat

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    [military] observation senior China reprimand visiting military defense secretary to send is energy Beihai landscape according to the Phoenix Satellite Television reported, met in eight one buildings and Hagel Fan Changlong 8 in the afternoon, but in recent America for ASEAN defense ministers meeting and in Japan, open to Philippines and Japan dispute behavior expressed support, Fan Changlong's tough talk. Vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Fan Changlong: you with some speech ASEAN defense ministers and in Japanese politics i like Cheap Air Jordan 4 Leopard Men Shoes and the disputed territory of speech, speak very hard, attitude is very clear. China people including Cheap Merrell Shoes Men I personally looked after very dissatisfied. for Japan, Philippines recently in the East China Sea, the South China Sea issue, have challenged Chinese interests, China defense minister Chang Wanquan pointed out that since the Andouble administration took office, Japan, adopted a series of wrong words and deeds, resulting in Sino Japanese relations in serious trouble, also bring serious impacts on Regional peace, he also described Philippines dressed himself as a victim in the South China Sea breach of promise, again and again, in the name of the international law and international arbitration on the South China Sea, is actually wrong ideas. Chang Wanquan stressed, violations of China never allow its territory by a tiny bit. Phoenix Satellite TV, April 8th Why should the i like Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Chinese military officials during a visit to Chinese in Hagel, mercilessly reprimand or critical ? This is a reason. you know, USA defense minister Hagel in access Chinese before, had to 6 days on Cheap Merrell Shoes Women April 5th first visit to Japan, and in Japan rarely published very day to suppress Chinese remarks. , according to media reports, during a visit to Japan, the Japanese government's buy Cheap Air Jordan 12 New Packing Men online going to explain to the right of collective selfdefense. By amending the constitution, he changed American has been on the i like Cheap Air Jordan 12 New Packing Men Japanese ban collective selfdefence fuzzy strategy before, American government repeatedly stressed, this is Japan decide things, for the first time open, naked position: on Japan by amending the Cheap Merrell Shoes constitution to ban the interpretation right of collective selfdefense said welcome, at the same time, he also stressed: Japan US relations need to be too strong to break. USA support to expand the role of the self defense forces.; and, for the Sino Japanese dispute intensified the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands issue, according to the report, Hagel and defense minister Onokazu temple in five typical talks buy Cheap Air Jordan 4 Leopard Men Shoes online said: the Diaoyu Islands effective control in Japan, Japan US security treaty is applicable range to warn the Chinese not to change the status quo, and so on, in short, Hagel's buy Cheap Air Jordan Shoes online visit to Japan during the day, so the pressure China flavor is very thick, the China near government act recklessly and care for nobody, very not respect, fully to the China placed two or three flow country. so, why the CMC vice chairman Fan Changlong and defense minister Chang Wanquan to reprimand or critical for America defense? The author made the following analysis: first of all, this is Chinese military tough response to visit Japan for malicious remarks. USA Defense Secretary to visit period in Japan

  • Xie Mian

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    Mr. Xie Mian, 80 years old this year, he led a compilation China poetry always, after many years finally revision completed. This is an event China poetry, also gradually neglected poetry into a stream. Research on China poetry is concerned, it is a is not open around the anthology. In 2008, the final will be held in compiling personnel, in Hangzhou after a week in West Lake, 78 year old Xie Mian around the lake race, he used this way on the expression of poetry Chinese always completed Memorial, also for China poems celebrate. Chinese poetry always editorial work, me and Mr. Sun Yushi, Mr. Hong Zicheng's wish for many years. In twentieth Century ninety, I have a friend trust, invited ten friends to the domestic research of new poetry editor in chief, doing similar work. We make allout efforts, it has run aground. In twentieth Century had the regret of the past, but I still have a as China poetry desire. Later, in Peking University School and the control group of Mr Huang Nubo's support, we set up New Poetry Institute China, published New Poetry Review and a variety of books, and began a of the total system China poetry. Always was officially launched in 2006, served as editor of the volumes are North New Poetry Institute colleagues. Because we are all together, funding in place, the work carried out smoothly. In April 25, 2008, the editorial staff of party in Hangzhou West Lake. This is the new poetry China always finalized will. We specifically the venue in the Lake Poets monuments Lake habitat. This is our hearts in the salute to the wishes and China poetry. For me personally, this is exactly half a century's first visit to West Lake since the 1957 Memorial I. Therefore I quietly on April 28, 2008 afternoon came a week around the lake race. From the point of view of our living Orioles Singing, North ha door, Yongjin men, against the six park. After Qian Tang door, Lake home, east of the broken bridge in the Bai dike. Weigela bridge had arrived in Pinghu by the moon, it, Xilingyinshe, Xiling bridge, Ye Su Xiaoxiao tomb, the Sir Georg solti. In the Chunxiao Sir Georg Solti to quyuanfenghe. The lake in a beauteous scene, Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon at sunset light rippling waves, Leifeng Pagoda new repair beautiful landscape does not make me stop, Guo Zhuang, Wang Zhuang, with the whole body sweat returned to the Orioles Singing in the. The starting time is Zhongtian, return is already sunset with time. I move to the new poetry to celebrate, but also for the life to prove. There is a deep yearning, is a long cherished wish will reward satisfaction. The beautiful West Lake, not only left Su Shi and Bai Juyi Hangzhou mayor memorial, generations of Chinese new poets have also left their footprints and sing. Zhejiang beautiful scenery, born and bred more from Xu Zhimo, Dai Wangshu to Ai Qing, these affect the outstanding poet poetry history. We choose Hangzhou and West Lake to commemorate the poetry of the forerunner, the situation in this meaning, selfevident. China poetry always editing guidelines and style, the people repeated discussions, determined according to new development stage, roughly ten years pass by. Text editing, also rejected by the previous pass such anthology!

  • That morning

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    That morning, Conan is organizing a meeting hall, a laughing. The boss suddenly knocked at the door, we immediately quiet down. Conan Ying out, at the same time in beckoned with the hand, what are you meeting then. Just out of the door of the meeting room, encounter the boss with a girl, hiding in the boss behind. Dai Zong, okay? We are meeting in the open. Conan to put the total explanation. There is, this is new this year to students, a leaf bud, you see a face, she is in your group. Then wear always look to the new girl. The girl blushed, head bowed, down in a moment, the eyes glance at Conan. Then raised his head, and Conan met, extended his hand: Hello, listen to wear always told you, that you are excellent professional. Conan had her head down, was secretly conjecture girl, never thought she would be so generous look at yourself, look to feel uncomfortable. Simply said: Hello, Conan. You talk, I will, go. Wear a turned and walked away. At this time only Conan and Ye Lei, I don't know how, Conan this uncomfortable, no place to the foot. Don't know what to say. Hold for a long time, like humor, said: sorry, my eyes out. Ye Lei was seriously bent down, found nothing. But from the moment when she straight waist, eyes that smile, complaining, dissatisfied, lovely complex eyes, but your energy to Conan. This never liked heterosexual men, true meaning in a moment to understand the beautiful. Ye Lei wore a black white suit, inside is pink flower screw shirt, shoulder length hair, the median bundle a pink slightly white butterfly hairpin, puts on makeup, the dark eyes, like two leaves are hung two black grape, earrings, to touch the shoulder. First up, two black grapes freeze, where dangling earrings. This Conan feel shy, and not laugh, say: feel shy, I had fun. you full of naughty. Ye Lei said, give a pleasant smile of a woman. Don't let me in? Is the first time a girl to say her naughty, hey, Chinese characters so much, just take naughty to describe him, Conan usually but serious in speech and manner, everything is very serious.

  • 07 [2009 09 13:29] [2009 years 03 months 30 days 13:47] [2008 years 08 months 11 days 17:20] [2008 years 08 months 11 days 00:07] [2008 years 08 month

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    07 [2009 09 13:29] [2009 years 03 months 30 days 13:47] [2008 years 08 months 11 days 17:20] [2008 years 08 months 11 days 00:07] [2008 years 08 months 09 days 04:05] [2008 years 08 months 03 days 00:23] [2008 years 06 months 29 days 00:05] [2008 05 10 01:00] 04 [2008 30 00:01] [2008 years 04 months 18 days 00:13] [2008 years 04 months 12 days 05:19] [2008 years 04 months 10 days 04:47] [2008 years 04 months 09 days 00:32] [2008 years 03 months 21 days 00:14] [2008 years 02 months 19 days 08:36] [2008 02 19 00:02] 01 [2008 21 01:35] [2008 years 01 month 08 days 01:16] [2007 December 31st 00: 24] [2007 04:04] December 23rd [2007 year in December 13th 00:32] [2007 00:59] [2007 in December 10th November 13th [2007 year in November 6th 02:51] 11:11] [2007 [2007 00:26] in November 3rd October 29th 00:49] [2007 years 09 months 29 days 04:13] [2007 years 09 months 25 days 00:10] [2007 years 09 months 20 days 00:07] [2007 years 09 months 08 days 00:06] [2007 years 08 months 25 days 05:25] [2007 years 08 months 22 days 00:25] [2007 years 08 months 17 days 00:13] [2007 years 08 months 08 days 00:14] [2007 years 08 months 02 days 00:23] [2007 years 07 months 19 days 02:18] [2007 years 07 months 09 days 00:03] [2007 06 29 16:2 0] [2007 years 06 months 26 days 00:20] [2007 years 06 months 12 days 08:09] [2007 years 06 months 12 days 00:36] [2007 years 06 months 08 days 00:31] [2007 years 06 months 06 days 00:20] [2007 years 05 months 23 days 09:16] [2007 years 05 months 11 days 00:31] [2007 years 05 months 03 days 00:36] [2007 years 04 months 29 days 00:24] [2007 04 2]